About us

About Us

The Food Directory, has been created to provide a free and useful portal for linking all Food & Beverage Business in the UAE


Our Mission is simple – To create accessibility to an up to date, accurate, professional looking and easy to navigate database to give users exposure to the many Product and service companies trading in the UAE. We focus on supplies and manufacturers solely in the Food & Beverage industry only. This in turn provides a simple yet effective list of alternatives to enable companies to compare and ensure they are getting the absolute best service with the best value the market has to offer. In simple terms our mission is, through easy access to specific suppliers you can add substantial value to your business and ultimately your customer.


The vision from the founder of The Food Directory is simple. By 2018 We aim to become the Middle East’s #1 sole focused Food & Beverage Industry Directory. To create a place where suppliers and consumers can connect and gain mutual benefit. James Anderson – Founder states; ‘This is not the first directory, but it’s by far the best. Add to the mix the focus on the fastest growing market sector in the Middle East makes this a unique proposition and a valuable tool for local business, and local business is what we intend to support


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The only dedicated directory that (excuse the pun) Caters solely for the rapidly expanding Food & Beverage provider market in the UAE. You need something for your operation? We can bring the best of the best providers in the industry at just the click of a button. Sign up, sign in, Connect to the market. Simple. We have done the leg work, so you don’t.

Supplier access, on a level unseen before

We aim to be the go to center, for all information relating to Food & Beverage supplies in the UAE. We cover the main 3 macro sections, which are: F&B Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers, and Service Providers. Within these three sections we have structured our database to not be overwhelmingly diverse, but the 50+ sections that have been created enable you to navigate quick and easily to the suppliers which you need, not a search page full of random outdated information like other sites! We also have a blog which will hold some upto date information on all things F&B, from regulations, guides, and also some guest posts from market experts.

The site has been established by the Founder James Anderson, who whilst in the process of exploring some ideas for a Food Franchise, was astonished by the complete mess the online offerings in this area

t was literally a complete minefield of random, outdated information’ A simple search only showed 2 or 3 sponsored google companies, which cannot always be relied on, some of the best suppliers in the UAE are not actively promoting online, there are known only through word of mouth, the vision is to bring together all this information in a clean professional site which can actually help both parties, the Supplier and the business, so this is when the food directory was born.

Our Team

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James Anderson


A Dubai resident for 3 years, a budding entrepreneur who has built and is currently involved in several active businesses in Dubai. Actively involved in the delivery and execution of over 150 new restaurants throughout the GCC.