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“Every place in the world has a story and Pingster is a non stop connection to those stories”.Pingster is a revolutionary photosharing GPS based mobile app that connects your mobile device to nearby geo-tagged photos uploaded by other users. Pingster is fusion of Instagram and Google Maps. It is like we combined both of these amazing apps together creating a single app that displays a visual experience with navigational discovery.

Pingster work according to the radius of your location. Basically, it connects your device to a visual image experience by giving it a map location using GPS (Global Positioning System), and then navigates you to that exact longitude and latitude location (Lat/Long). You can customize the app according to your preferences. Example user want to see images posted by local people ,local shops, business ventures and anything globally.

We can see throughout the world, there are many small business, shops,stores are out of business. Online shopping options effect the local businesses badly.

Pingster promises to be a new tool to highlight existing brick and mortar stores by promoting those businesses through our GPS platform by bringing consumers into their doors.


1) Regular users: People feel connected to the images around them especially if they are physically close by. See click and navigate to the visual experience.

2)Regular users: People like discounts. With Pingster they will physically get connected thru GPS discounts and sales from businesses that are nearby them. Business to Consumer (B2C) solution solved. Businesses are hurting. Pingster can bring targeted consumers to their doors thru GPS, with targeted promotions on sales that are close by.

3) Pingster provides equal opportunity not like other app, the visibility of your images is not depend upon your popularity and hashtags. Pingster provide same platform to small business to compete with big giants by generating visual campaigns.

4) App provides you direct navigation to that exact location and other pictures of same location at different times by different users.

5) App never shows your personal location, only geo tagged images are shown on the feed.

Why we create Pingster?

Our motive is to provide the same platform inspite of their social influence and followers. Pingster provides the same platform to small and big business venture hence a golden opportunity for ventures which are out of business currently.

Pingster shows all the uploaded images of specific location inspite of likes or followers.


Implementation of Geotagging and Geo fencing

App shows images only in radius of your choice. The images are attached to a particular lat long, so the app calculates your distance from the location of the image and provide the result in real time.
The algorithm for this works very fast and searches through 1000s of records in 2-3 seconds
This was the actual challenge to achieve this speed and search time.


Dcube team played the pivotal role in the development of this App. We assigned a smart team to work on the project. Right in the beginning, the various milestones were drafted that we are going to reach. We also kept “Paras” updated via project management tool called ‘Asana’ where he could check the daily progress of his project. The team members were very supportive and put in even the smallest details that were requested.



Users contribute by uploading those special places, activities, nature, food, anything that you think others would like to see, experience or visit. People who shy away from social media due to the exposure can now participate in sharing their visual experiences, by disabling “Social Enable”, shuts off Commenting and Chatting but still acknowledges Image Likes and Favorites.


Pingster allows users to discover and navigate to image visuals across the globe, with a “Treasure Hunt” feel. Whether you are viewing the most beautiful mountain landscape you have ever saw or the most delicious looking meal you could ever eat, Pingster can take you there in a single, non-stop, integrated mobile app.


The visual experiences that one encounters while using Pingster ultimately depends upon the creativity and participation of all the users in our social network. Pingster is a photosharing social media app. Become an influencer on Pingster, by posting amazing images. Is all about being at the right place at the right time and snapping that picture that creates impact. On Pingster you can be as public or as private as you want.


In the days of heightened privacy awareness, Pingster will only display nearby geo-tagged images to close by mobile devices and never your personal location. After you take the picture and walk away you are no longer associated with that location.

Technical Stack

The complete technical stack was developed and deployed by our team.

1) Initially the team brainstormed and developed wireframes and built the UX designs.

2) The backend was built in PHP – Framework.

3) The native mobile application was built in iOS.

4) The backend was deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance.

5) Database is managed in MySql and images are stored in AWS S3.


Pingster team started with a belief “Every Spot in the world has a story , See, Click, and Experience… “. Successful launch of Pingster in the market , team is already ready with its next version and soon going to launch Pingster for Android platform. App got very positive and motivated replies. Pingster going to be big thing among other apps.

We expect to show our small businesses a ROI that is in the thousandth’s of percent.
Pingster’s advertising method will advertise a customized bargain to entice users to stop by
to create a POS conversion.

Pingster next version consists of:
– Delivery of local Sales and Bargains based on GPS local
– $1 for Advanced Features Sets for Pingster users enabled
– Location-based Sponsor Ads in Feeds