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Everything about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Difference, Advantages, Future and Dcube’s achievements

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What is Augmented Reality?

Definition: AR is a superimposition of two worlds, real and imaginary. Real is one which is showing on gadgets camera and imaginary is what shows on the gadget.
AR helps by providing us the clear view of your perception by suggesting graphical information to facilitate the user to collaborate the real and imaginary world and make up new graphical information.
It is an integration that turns the world around you into digital computing interface by placing virtual objects in the real world and real time.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR virtual reality means implement a simulated environment which gives the real impression of the virtual world. It provides a platform to get involved and feel the environment.
One needs wearable technology for perfect look and feel of virtual reality.

IS AR and VR are connected, AR Vs VR?

Not at all, connected. AR and VR are both different concepts.

• AR is the superimposition of third party image or information which is not exist in the real world and getting it into the real world. It results, the clearer precision of the user’s imagination in the real world.

• In VR user cannot see the real world around him, he is completely into the virtual world and feels his existence into it. He is not aware of the real world around him.

• VR is good for a better experience of video games and social networking in a virtual environment.

• Augment Reality is an improved virtual view of the real world whereas the Virtual reality is the totally virtual world.

• AR is little advantageous over VR as the user has not cut off from the real world.

Augmented Reality works on below categorized devices:

• Head mounted displays, glasses and lenses

• Mobile devices

• PC and connected TV players

Types of AR
(Based upon interaction):

• Marker-Based Augmented Reality

• Marker-less Augmented Reality

• Projection Augmented Reality

• Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

Marker-Less Augment Reality :

It is also called location-based AR. It is most widely used technology across. It is also named as GPS based and position based AR.
It is only such kind of AR technology which does not require any kind of recognition system and augmentation. In this AR, there is no knowledge about the object whereas other AR technology does. To provide a fecund result, this technology uses various location tools and helps in recognizing location on your devices.
The location tools are as follows: GPS, digital compass, velocity meter and, accelerometer. It detects orientation, reads the data through GPS and predicts the locations where the user wants to go and finally show the relevant information on their screen of user’s Smartphone. Mapping the directions and searching the nearby places are other uses of location-based AR.

Future Usage Of AR in Market:

AR technology is on high track, its the futuristic technology.thanks to games like Pokemon Go. This game has been enjoyed by 25 million users per day, so one can think, they are waiting for next big thing in AR.
AR is a fast-growing field, with perhaps even more potential financial prospects than VR.
AR apps are expected to hit a whopping 120 Billion$ in revenue by 2021, with 2018 seeing a surge in development of AR apps.

With the announcement of the Apple ARKit & Google ARCore, the market for AR apps has finally gotten a strong base for growth.

How AR has brought revolution and in which sectors it is advantageous?

• Video Games: Everybody knows about Pokemon Go, AR-based app. In this game, the user has to discover pokemon and catch the pokemon. It is a location-based AR game. It gives real-time experience to a user, he has to catch the pokemon in the real world. There are many other famous games in AR having WOW factor: Paint Ball Arena, Ingress, AR Basket Ball, Toy Car RC.

• AR Business card: – AR business cards contain AR code with other information also. When you can the AR code through your mobile it shows extra information like digital contents, 3D videos of showcase product. It helps user for easy social networking with no extra time.

• Fashion Industry: Nike and timberland brand are using AR in new ways. They are using Projection based AR. Nike has facilitated his customers by visualizing the same sneakers in different patterns and colors. The customer can totally customize the shoes he wants.

Watch Nike’s new AR based ad campaign here

Timberland Also used AR. It facilitates the customer by providing a virtual changing room. The customer can try any number of jackets, shoes, dresses just by standing in front of a screen. In minutes he can try the number of dresses.

Don’t miss the video

• Aviation Industry: AR brings more safety to the aviation processes. A glass screen in front of pilot facilitates him to take better decisions. There is Augment Reality navigation systems for commercial pilots. AR provides a clearer picture of air traffic. AR also helps pilots to maintain their aircraft kits by providing them real-time 3D scanning and sensors. As a result, it helps an engineer to repair the issues in the pit.

• AR in Education: AR brings more engagement of students with making them involved emotionally. Let’s understand it with one example that you often face in your classroom. Imagine, you are teaching about one historical monument in the classroom. The problem is that it had already vanished a long time ago.

Thus, it’s impossible for your students to visit that place. But, what about a virtual tour of the past? Yes, by integrating Augmented reality technology, you can just point your smartphone towards the textbook-image of the monument.

And, wow! an interactive 3D model of the monument along with all related information pops up on the screen of your mobile. No, I am not telling you any script from any science-fiction movie.

• Healthcare: With the AR applications you can connect with the doctor, and take consultation virtually, that way allowing them to help you from a distance. Apart from that, Nurses are well versed with such AR equipments which helps them to scan the nerves for injection.

• Combat Forces: Augmented reality has been around for quite a long time. Do you know that One of the first real-world deployments of augmented reality technology was within the Military, where pilots would be equipped with goggles that display a discreet layer of radar data in order to optimize the missile attacks.

Dcube Tech Venture role in making AR apps / Dcube accomplishments in the field of AR:

The development team of dcube is trying hard to achieve high in field ofAR, till date, we have developed Markerless Augmented Reality technology. We have implemented face filters and putting third party virtual element in the real world for more clearer vision and perspective.
Below are the video snippets:

How much AR app cost?

Feel free to get the quote and idea about your vision turning into reality.
AR is a vast topic, I tried hard to touch every corner of AR but still, one article about AR is not justified with such a vast field. We will soon bring much more on AR and a lot about VR as well, in detail. Maybe with code snippets as well.
Till then, “Happy Reading”