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TRUST APP : Healthcare ERP Solution

Idea behind the creation of the ”Trust” app: We know, developed countries have many healthcare schemes and resources to take care of their impoverished people. But the scenario is not same in “Developing Countries”? Their government does not have much resources and schemes for the healthcare of their citizens but at the same time health of common man cannot be compromised at any cost, this is utter most basic requirement needs to be taken care . Hence “Dcube” has decided to make an app for Android Tablets and installed in mobile vans. Trust app has been used by Hospitals, medical vans for rural areas, clinics etc. Trust app manages to diagnosed huge number of diseases can be diagnosed and cured in low budget.

How Trust App works?

Trust app is full fledging ERP solution for medical system. It can easily install and adopted by hospitals and in mobile vans. Trust app consisted with payment gateway as well. It maintains the user database and cash flow as well. The flow of application is very user friendly. Trust App is intended to manage users/clients, sales and to keep track of the revenue generated. Main objective of the app is to facilitate the Nurses/Mid Wife and Finance admin in dispatch of their duties. App is designed for Android tablet, having 2 users’ roles. Nurses/mid wives can register new client or manage existing clients to enroll, select plan, products and services. Role of Finance admin role is to manage the stock, products along With invoice generation. Front end Android application running on Android tablets. At each movable clinic or sales centre users can login and operate client registration and sales from the android app A Back-end admin dashboard to be accessed via web browser. Admin can create and control all the attributes like logins, stocks and payments. Revenue, stats and sales analytics will be part of admin dashboard as well. Dcube’s development Team followed agile methodology for the completion of this project.


Dcube team played the pivotal role in the development of Trust app. We assigned a smart team to work on the project. Right in the beginning, the various milestones were drafted that we are going to reach. We also kept “Paras” updated via project management tool called ‘Asana’ where he could check the daily progress of his project. The team members were very supportive and put in even the smallest details that were requested.


Finance Management 

- Admin can see the entire revenue generation, individual sales, bank statements , salary statements.

- Can see the revenue generation differently from various plans.

- Payment gateway 

Stock Management

– When Stock is low, an alert will be generated. Low stock notification email will be sent to admin.
Clinic Management

– GPS tracking of all the signed up clinics

– Admin can see the revenue generation

- Track of effected area and boost the sales

Product Management

- List of stock with price, description and images.

- Addition and editing of plans at any time.

- Update list of product in real time.

Online Activity Management

- Backend will check for the incoming activities performed offline.

- Database will be updated as per new data.

– Integrity of the system is to be maintained and a time will be set that when it was last updated.


- Analysis of registered clients , new clients, returning clients, plans available and revenue generated.

– Admin can apply various filters.

- Admin will be able to view statistics of purchase , sale and money banked.

User Management

Sign In/Sign Up

User, Nurse, Mid man, Admin, Backend.

Technical Stack


Front end — ANDROID APP (tablet 10′ and 7′)


• We have shown the graphical representation of sales and revenue for each month .

• Our team has to do lot of R and D to implement graphs in Android.

• We use best practices, programming styles and coding conventions that developers adhere to when writing source code. We produce a modular and robust code which is also scalable and suits best for all types of business solutions.