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Here comes another major work of Dcube, “the Salon App”.

Why this Salon app when there is Urban Clap?

What if you want to relax at salon and take their complete services at their place but at the same time don’t want to waste time for waiting your turn. Do not worry, we have the solution. Our salon app.

App is managing two way ratings. User can select salon branch and beautician after checking their ratings and reviews. App is managing user ratings also.


  • 1 Catalogue
  • 2 Management
  • 3 Appointment
  • 4 Login
  • 5 Ratings
  • 6 Payment
1 Catalogue

Catalogue listing with pricing

Galley show case the real clients pictures and services with ratings and prices.User can select more than one and put it in the cart.

2 Management

Client Management

Client database has been saved and salon manager/admin can access for better sales and customer loyalty programs. Push notification send to every signed user about any offer or festival plan offer.

3 Appointment

Appointment, Services & Booking history

- User Book an appointment, select the services.
- User can browse various profiles of artist and select the artist according to their ratings and reviews.
- User can access his booking history(previous any booking and services if taken by salon seek ).
- Green Appointment: Shows when the client has showed to the appointment
- Red Appointment : Shows when appointment has passed the time and user hasn’t showed up
- Blue Appointment: The upcoming appointments Current
- Time Bar:Follows the time of day

4 Login


- User Login: Sign in and Sign Up
- Manager/ Admin Login: to overlook each every activity.

5 Ratings

Salon & Artist Ratings

Reviews about every artist and description about their major services they are excellent into.

6 Payment

Payment Gateway

Cash and card (mastercard, Visa &amex)access payment gateway has been installed.

Super Admin

Super Admin has all the privileges. The one who can overview every login and work flow over the salon. He has all the authorities.

Dcube can provide you same model and fully customize it according to your requirements and idea. We can add employee payroll system within it and make it more reliable and all in one.